of the highest quality

an ace reporter


a crack shot


a first-rate golfer


a super party


played top-notch tennis


an athlete in tiptop condition


she is absolutely tops

ace, ↑A-one, ↑crack, ↑first-rate, ↑super, ↑tiptop, ↑topnotch, ↑tops
Similar to: ↑superior
Usage Domain: ↑colloquialism

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first-rate, first-class, second-to-none, matchless, peerless, top, top-flight, leading, supreme, superior, prime, excellent, outstanding, superlative, premier, exceptional, splendid, superb, fine, admirable
COLLOQ. super, A1, ace, crack, out of this world
SLANG wicked, way-out, cool, radical, mega

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\\ˈ ̷ ̷| ̷ ̷\ adjective
Etymology: top notch
: of the highest or best attainable : tip-top, first-rate, unsurpassed

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top-notchˈ adjective (informal)
Excellent, first-rate
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Main Entry:top

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top-notch UK US adjective informal
very high in quality

a top-notch university

Thesaurus: bestsynonym

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top-notch or top|notch «TOP NOCH», adjective.
Informal. first-rate; best possible: »

a top-notch show, a top-notch storyteller.

SYNONYM(S): supreme, incomparable.

* * *

adj. informal of the highest quality; excellent

a top-notch hotel

top-notcher n.

* * *

/ˈtɑːpˈnɑːʧ/ adj
informal : of the best quality

The hotel offers top-notch service.

Their food is top-notch. [=excellent]

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ˌtop-ˈnotch f41 [top-notch] adjective (informal)
excellent; of the highest quality

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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